Monday, 28 June 2010

Response from ERI

Well I wrote a slightly more diplomatic letter to the Gender Clinic, and got a 5 sentence reply from Dr My. It makes you laugh, she never addressed anything apart from appointment hassle, NOTHING about mis-advice! In Dr My defence she said she would pass my letter to Dr K for her to reply, but alas 2 months later I am still awaiting a reply, although I did recieve 2 copies a week apart from Dr My???!!!! The the ERI is so wonderful, not. Since I can't really be bothered getting into a slagging match with Dr My I will not bother anymore, as I feel my life is more important, than an uncaring Dr and Gender Clinic.

Sadly I have a 18 week wait for the clinic in Glasgow, so hopefully by October I will have been. My GP is still great and backing me all the way.