Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Is Over Aaaaawwww

The Christmas festivities are over, and it is back to normal until Hogmanny on Saturday. I had a really nice Christmas, only slightly dampened with my niece, Alice having 2 fits. From now on I can keep in touch anywhere with a flabby present of an iPad. It has come in very handy this week, Edinburgh has been hit with high winds again, and I have lost my satellite tv. So I can watch tv on the pad, and watch loads of movies I downloaded this year.

This morning I had yet another blood test, 3rd one in a month, the girls at the surgery are so nice. It really is a joy to go and see them. I asked Nurse C about a growth on my cheek, she said easy to remove and to speak to Dr M. It had been bugging me for a few years now, although the thought of getting it cut out is scary! On a positive side all my blood tests are coming back good, yippee.

Going out later to hit the sales, and find out how to mirror iPad to apple tv. Also have a pair of jeans to exchange, thought I would buy a size smaller, too tight. Weightloss is not going well, although I think I'm thinner.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry christmas

Hi, I would like to wish everyone who has visited my blog a Merry Christmas.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Only 2 Sleeps Until Christmas

Last night I heard that my nephews hamsters had a little fallout, this is what was posted on facebook.

Recovering from a mini hamster holocaust. One hamster went postal, ate the other hamster, vomited him up again, and then died. And I thought they were friends. Never trust a friend who sleeps on your face and eats your straw.

I'm not a lover of hamsters, but since they have gone perhaps Banjo & Soxs will get back to stay??? You never know and I can hope.

Only 2 sleeps to go until Santa arrives, and for once I'm really organised, all shopping done, and only 1 present to wrap up. This morning I went and finished my shopping, it was amazing how quiet the shops where, but the downside was I saw too much I liked for myself. Spare cash is always a problem for me so I don't tend to go shopping, but today a was amazed at things in my size in Marks & Spencer, I think a visit to the sales will be in order.

Today I received a letter from the Tax Man, and for once, it was a fabulous one. They have paid me a refund from 3 years ago of over paid tax, yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! So a definite visit to the sales, or perhaps online as I spend less online.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Cards - The Life Coach

Am I not good, all my Christmas cards written, and it isn't Christmas Eve yet.

A few years ago I went on a Life Coaching Course, and the thing that stuck in my head is, if you let the little things in your life build up. You just can't cope/deal with the big issues. So ideally get rid of all the small annoying things/tasks and then the big issues are easier, because you blame the small things. Over time my mind gets overrun thinking about silly things I need to do, it's great just to do them, even if it takes a few stern words to get going.

Hence going the Christmas cards had been annoying me for a few days, but now I can relax knowing that they are done, yippee. Big issue this week is Christmas shopping on Thursday, bring it on.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Quiet Week

Not been much to blog about this week. Had the joy of Marny's company today for some electrolysis. Today wasn't as bad as recent weeks, the top lip is almost totally clear, we even managed to work on the right cheek, which was great. It's nice to see progress, the EMLA got well used today to numb the top lip, just a little around the centre of the nose.

Was a taxi driver for brother-in-law yesterday and his daughter, I like being of use to people, even with it being during rush hour.

Must start and get ready for christmas tomorrow, haven't written a card or done any shopping. I find this time of year hard going, being on your own, I think what is the point. Have a night out on wednesday and got an invite to visit friends over the festive period which is great.

Monday, 12 December 2011

UK Newspapers Go Trans

Hermaphrodite voted off Poland's Next Top Model - The Sun 10/12/11, Michalina Manios was voted off the Polish Next Top Model after disclosing she had once lived as male. Read the article here , it's a very balanced report, and the comments are in whole quite balanced and educated.

Transsexual reveals how he’s spent £200,000 in 12 years transforming himself into a real-life Barbie… thanks to a few rich boyfriends - The Daily Mail 08/12/11. This article as about Nicole Sanders who has spent a fortune on operations. She lives in New York, the reporting ok, but I was annoyed by the use of "he" in it. I suppose you can not have it all. Again the comments are good to the trans community, especially considering it is Daily Mail readers. Read the article here

Transgender lessons for pupils aged five: Classes will 'overload children with adult issues', say critics - The Daily Mail 08/12/11. Now this should have been a good article, the government looking to educate our young people of trans phobia. Sadly the article is all about confusing children, and possibly promoting trans thoughts. This is quite scary when research has proven in the UK 1 in 1000 children have gender related issues, so surely any awareness is going to be helpful. The Daily Mail readers comments are all very negative, it amazes me considering the article above was the same day. Is it ok to talk trans issues, but not in front of the children? Read article here

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Electrolysis - The Painfull Truth

Every week I go for a hour of electrolysis, I can not say I enjoy it. I started about 4 years ago with IPL hair removal, it's a light gun which sends heat down to the hair follicle and killed a lot off. This was 14 treatments every 4 weeks, and it really thinned out my facial hair. I think I have a low pain threshold, as I found IPL very sore on my face especially around the neck area, but it did work well.

After the IPL it was time for real torture, although I must say the therapist is very good and caring, she's called Marny. The first few weeks where horrendous, and then got quite bearable for a year or so. Since the start of this year working the area around the mouth, top lip it has been horrible. Marny just ignores my squeals, ouch and swear words, she gives it back to me as well. Tells me not to be a big girls blouse, and says she will turn down the current and doesn't, heehee. Even if my eyes are watering Marny just keeps going and you get into trouble for screwing your face up. I know it sounds bad, but it's really good as it needs done and Marny just keeps going.

Just in case you don't know how electrolysis works, it's a probe (thin needle) going into the hair follicle. The probe has to go in about 3-4mm, then an electrical current heats the follicle, this cortices the follicle and kills the hair. the hair is then pulled out. Yeah, sounds simple and painless, not. The amount of hairs done in a hour is about 180, and the face has around 12,000, so it's a long process and expensive. Also hair can stop growing for 8 weeks and then appear, the swines, so you need to keep going over areas already done.

Over the time I have used a few painkillers, from beer, Jack Daniels, paracetamol, and others. I have found EMLA cream to numb the skin and co-codolmol the best, but it's still sore. The picture below is after today's session.
Check out Imarni Salon, they are very trans friendly

You get close to your therapist here is Marny.

Marny Owner/Senior Therapist
Qualifications include:
Diploma in Beauty Therapy from Mary Reid
Over 30 years experience in the Beauty Therapy industry
Member of the BIAE (British Institute of Electrolysis)
Advanced Electrolysis, Electrolysis
Marny has dedicated her career to every aspect of Beauty Therapy and especially to Electrolysis hair removal, winning British Electrolygist of the year in 2002 and serving on the Board of Management of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis for 8 years.
'I spent 16 years teaching Beauty Therapy in Edinburgh's Telford College before opening Imarni. I am married with 2 children and though the salon absorbs a great deal of my time I enjoy gardening and holidays'.

Friday, 9 December 2011

TFI Friday

Been a busy day today, was at the doctors surgery to see Nurse C for another blood test, last weeks got clotted, so better luck this week. I hadn't seen Nurse C for ages, she is nice to me as doesn't weigh me like Nurse D. Then it was off see parents and get ink for their printer.

And this afternoon a few hours with brother-in-law for a chat.

Picture below is show what Lorraine has done to me, as I forgot to take a picture of her handy work, this is my attempt.

Tomorrow is electrolysis day, a hour of torture.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Parking In Edinburgh

Christmas and every other day of the year is mad driving in Edinburgh, lack of parking spaces and jams are normal. At the moment we are building a tram line, this will be finished in 2014, the works are causing even more problems. I dedicate this first video to my brother-in-law Richard who is such an easy going back driver, NOT. These videos where done by a local radio station. I fancied something fun today, no trans stuff sorry.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hair By Lorraine

Yesterday morning was a nice trip for me, to see Lorraine, Zoe and Lorna at the hairdressers. It was cool having a chat with them as for once it was quite quiet. The place is normally really busy with the girls running around daft, which can be quite entertaining. I wish I could have one of them each morning to make my hair look as good, as they make it look easy. A few flicks, a crunch and a blow-dry and wow you are done. Lorraine has transformed my hair, from length 1/2 inch 4 years ago, to longer than my shoulders, highlighted and manageable for me, as I'm not very good.

Looking forward to seeing them all in February for the colouring and trim.

Check them out

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Daily Mail Has A Positive Article

Last Friday the Daily Mail had a great article regarding a transsexual, the usual stuff The Daily Mail has is quite derogatory, and shocking. With comments regarding why the NHS pay for cosmetic surgeries when there is no money. I'm sure you have read and heard it all before.

The headline was good for a start:

‘Why should I hide, I’m proud of myself’: Teen who had world’s youngest sex change op at 16 reveals she has a boyfriend

The girl is 18 year old Jackie Green who had her op on her 16th birthday in Thailand. At an early age her mother took her to the USA to start hormone blockers, as this form of treatment is not available in the UK.

The thing that caught me, wasn't so much the article, but the comments. What I read where all very positive and encouraging, esp in this newspaper the comments are normally very bigoted. Perhaps the UK is getting more accepting of the trans community.

Read the full article

My 2 Furry Buddies - Banjo & Soxs

Over the last couple of years I have looked after Banjo & Soxs when my sister has been on holiday, usually around 4 times a year. Banjo & Soxs are very trans friendly, as it doesn't matter how ugly you look, they still like a cuddle.

Banjo is on the left, and Soxs on the right, they both have great personalities. Banjo is quite needy, always want claps, and licking you. he use to sleep on the pillow next to me. Soxs is more independent, and is the leader of the pair, he only wants cuddles when Banjo isn't around. I'm sure he thinks it will spoil his macho image if Banjo sees him getting cuddled.

In a previous post I discussed loneliness, these guys helped me immensely. As it was great to feel needed, you have to feed them, clean litter tray and make sure they are safe. This really takes your mind away from yourself, and the unconditional affection you get is brilliant. One of the Dr's at Sandyford Clinic also thinks for people living on their own, cats are great for developing your voice, as it forces you to talk when home alone. The laughs I had with them both like the picture of Banjo trying to improve his internet skills on my laptop. Or the 2 of them lying on my bed watching television. Every morning Soxs would get his paw under the duvet and wake me up for breakfast, this was great for me as I hate getting up.

Sadly the guys had to move to a new home, as at my sisters they where going into a neighbours house, the family where very anti- pets. I use to go to my sisters just to see the guys and her house is not the same with out them. I have thought about getting a cat myself, but feel it isn't really fair on them, as they wouldn't get out. Banjo & Soxs, it was ok for 2 weeks at a time being indoors.

I would recommend a cat to anyone living alone with safe access outdoors, as it does help with loneliness and your voice practise as well.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Strange Day In Edinburgh

The first day of snow in Edinburgh, and it's really cold. The city does look cute in the blanket of white, this time last year the city ground to a standstill for around 3 weeks due to snow. I wonder if this is the start again this year.

Last night/this morning was rather noisy where I live. My flat is in a tenement, tenements where built in the late 1800's and have large internal stairs connecting the 9 flats, which act as huge echo chambers. My next door neighbour decided to ask loads of very drunk and noisy friends round at around 2am. For some strange reason they all wanted to shout in the stair, someone called the police around 4am to get them removed. For a strange reason I was very tired last night, but couldn't sleep because of the noise. In my old days I would have been out throwing the people out, now I get frightened. You just never know what could happen at the time or in the future, 2 years ago my car was vandalised, was it because I'm trans, I will never know.

Another strange thing is happening in Edinburgh today, as a city we are being given 2 pandas from China.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang have made their journey from China in perspex cages on board a special chartered flight. It's the first time in 17 years the UK has had pandas. In the press reports the red carpet was out, pipe bands and leaders of government where all in attendance at Edinburgh Airport earlier. I hope we didn't frighten them with the pipes.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Loneliness - Are We Frightened To Confess?

I have suffered from loneliness for many many years, and hid it. When I read many blogs, I read about acceptance, getting out in the world and friendships within our community. But I believe many of us and including these lucky people are lonely. Before I transitioned and came out, I still suffered from loneliness, but I had a huge circle of friends, was out most nights, and had good work colleagues. To me I was hiding through jokes and a beer glass, and showing the world a great happy person. In reality, I was in pain and had only a couple of true friends, the rest, they where a crutch to get through life with. Part of this was caused by not being honest with myself regarding my true gender, and the unwillingness to come out.

A few years in my process of coming out, it took almost 2 years, I had friendships within the LGBT "scene" in Edinburgh, I had a good time and thought, I got true friends here, similar thinking, non-conformist and happy people. I was still drinking at the time, and I think this clouded my brain. What was happening I was friends with people with as many hang-ups as myself, but instead of facing them they used drugs to dampen them. As an addictive person, I have stayed well away from drugs, and never tried anything, but I saw the effects and mind changing effects, if one was so friendly and lovely at weekends. During the week, they where just miserable, and more screwed up than me, I think due to drugs. Once I stopped drinking, and spent time with my new LGBT friends, I still felt lonely, as I could see they where false, due to the drugs. It's now about 3 years since I split from this group of friends, and to be honest, I don't miss it, but I have a different loneliness in away.

The new loneliness is a much more positive form, as my friends and family are the only people I need or actually want, it might not be a huge circle. Although at times it is lonely living on your own, spending long periods of time with no other inter-personal connections. But there isn't the need for any "crutch" friends to cloud your view of true friendships. Also doing things I'm passionate about beats loneliness, in my life my love of music takes up alot of time, even doing this blog, all gets loneliness under control. My view is if you keep your mind active, you will not be lonely, it can be hard to activate your mind, if you have lived in a social merry go round, of drink and partying, as looking back these are quite mind numbing. How many times have we read that people have over 500 people on facebook, in reality, it's a very small amount we actually like, but the thought of deleting the ones we have no time for is frightening. My view deleting makes life easier, this maybe strange to many, but works for me.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Needles, Blood & Chat

Early start for me this morning a visit to see Dr M at the local practise. All the staff are so nice and happy, it's a real pleasure to go, even to see Nurse D who always weighs me with a smile, urgh!!! Over the past few years I have had very high blood pressure among others things, and on my last visit I had said to Dr M I was getting cankles (fat ankles) it's a side effect of one of the pills. Anyways, we changed the pill and now no cankles, and even better blood pressure is still controlled at 138/88 today, it use to be around 190/130 ish, I did try to break 200, heehee.

As it always seems when I see Dr M, I needed a blood test again, had one 2 weeks ago with Nurse D, which came back fine. Today urine was showing protien traces, so get the needle into the arm. Ooops can't get anything out that one, lets go for the other, I hate parting with anything, typical Scottish. Many years ago I had glandular fever and drunk heavily, and I suspect slight damage was done to my kidneys, hence protien in the urine, Dr M also does regular checks on liver as well. So it's back to see Nurse C at the end of the month for another blood test, she doesn't weigh me, result after Christmas.

Dr M always gives me a nice complement on my appearance, although today I was told too cold for a skirt and she hasn't worn one for ages. I thought this morning, I haven't worn one for ages, you get fed-up with trousers. We then has a chat about Transsexual Summer, and her veiw was there wasn't enough time spent on each person, but overall great to see it on mainstream TV. I agree totally, she also let it slip that one of her friends specialises in therapy in London for TS people. I wonder if that's why everyone at the surgery is so cool, and she is so knowledgable. I wonder if I should give this blog address?

The National Health Service in the UK doesn't get great press, but to me it's fabulous in the main, even with my problems with Edinburgh GIC, which ranted about in previous posts.