Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Has The Shrink Shrunk?

Today saw me back through at Sandyford GIC in Glasgow, to see the shrink. Dr G is a nice guy, although very deep, I'm starting to get a laugh with him. We went through blood tests, all are looking fine testosterone is 1.5, nice and very low, estrogen is 207, which could be higher. He is happy with the dosages as I'm happy for things to happen gradually. It will be 6 months until I see him again, when bloods are checked again.

It always amazes me how the professionals seem to think we need help from LGBT, it bugs me that I have to say "not my scene, tried it didn't like it". To me LGBT is very political and sexual, I don't need that in my life, I know I'm part of a minority group, but why the need to join up, I would rather join the big group of society.

On BBC3 tonight was a programme called Coming Out Diaries, it followed 3 people coming to terms with their sexuality and gender. 2 trans people and 1 lesbian, their stories all covered family, friends and the fear of coming out and their own turmoils. It's very much worth a watch, I could relate a lot to it. You can view it on the iplayer I'm sure.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sky Is The Limit

Today I joined the 21st century again, and got my Sky satellite fixed. It's great to have it back, got my favourite programmes all set to record and watching sport on the big screen is fabby. It's been 3weeks of watching on the iPad, great but not the same.

My enjoy has been diminished with the total lack of customer service from their engineers though. They left my media centre in a mess, chipped mY paintwork and refused to tidy the cable on the outside of the building. I've called customer services and logged a complaint, the staff on the phones are very nice, and a manager will be visiting me shortly to discuss my complaint. I will only be happy when I'm compensated for the hassle and the cable is secured to the building, I will wait hoping.

Tomorrow I'm off to see the shrink at Sandyford GIC in Glasgow, not looking forward to the drive as it has turned quite icy here in Scotland. It is a round trip of 100 miles, so a good nights sleep is in order.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Another Visit To The Surgery

This morning saw another visit to see Dr M, it was a cool visit as I had not seen her for since before Chrnistmas. All my blood tests are good, my body is coping well with new blood pressure pill and no swelling ankles, yippee. On a slight downside my blood pressure was slightly high, so back to see Dr M in a month. Also, I got a referral to get a large spot on my cheek removed/decreased, just need to get an appointment for that. An ongoing thing I have had for many years is body acne, she was gave me a lotion to try and ease this as well.

I've enjoyed the time since New Year, it's nice to get back to normal. Also getting my iPad all setup has been fun, even though I deleted loads of photos by mistake, luckily I have back-ups. If anyone knows some great apps, please post a comment to let me know, and others.

My blog has really amazed me, I started it properly at the beginning of December, and this week hit a milestone of hits, not telling how many, but I'm really happy. Again any ideas on topics just post a comment.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Year, New Ideas...........Maybe

New Year has past us by, it's now 2012, where do the years go?? I spent Hogmanny at The Espy in Portobello by the beach, it was a really enjoyable evening, nice food, nice music, nice drinks and family. Who could ask for more? At midnight everyone went out on the beach to watch the fireworks and bonfires, there was even a bagpiper.

New Years Day was spent eating too much at my sisters, really must loose weight soon. Dad spoke all day, I'm sure my mum doesn't speak to him and he saves it all up until a captive audience is around. It was his birthday as well so we all just tuned out, and let him listen to his own voice.

The rest of the week, Edinburgh has been battered with storms, on Tuesday 102mph was recorded here. There has been lots of damage and disruption, so a very quiet week. The thought of going out just wasn't there for a few days, although I managed a trip to Marks & Spencer on Thursday, need new jeans. I was surprised how quiet the shop was, but it was enjoyable to be out for a while.

Friday night was spent with my school friends, it was so great to catch up with them again. I lost contact with them for over 10 years, due to drinking and my trans issues felt it was easier to move on. How wrong I was, they are so accepting it's fab, and their kids are great, a really nice family. What was even nicer about Friday was there was no trans chat, it was just a chatty evening, but I know I can talk trans if I need to.

Today I saw Marny (electrolysis) for the start of this years torture. The centre of my face is now clear, yippee, just the cheeks to do. I'm hoping this will be finished by Easter. My neck area has only has IPL, I think I can live with that, and just shave it, the pain factor has won that area over.