Monday, 21 May 2012

Finishing electrolysis

Last month I stopped electrolysis, it was for a few reasons. First of all I had three and a half years of treatment. The issue of having to grow out stubble every week was becoming very annoying. I felt I wasn't moving on with things. The amount of money spent was also getting silly, I think I've spent in the region of £8000! I could have bought a new car. Things where needing done at home, so my outlays had to be cut. With the cost of living rising and being on a fixed income, things had to change. Lastly, I was finding to very painful every week. No amount of EMLA or painkillers where easing the pain. However the last four treatments I had where of Blend, and this was easier, but very slow.

At the moment my neck and sides still have hair, but I can handle this. It is much reduced though. Probably in the future I will return to treatment, but really needed a rest.

It was sad stopping and not seeing Marny and the girls, but will see them for some nice treatments soon.

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