Monday, 14 December 2009

Gender Identity Clinic Night-Out

Last Wednesday I had a check-up at the GIC at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with Dr My. Over the past few months there has been confusion with appointments, my August one wasn't booked properly, a replacemant one for September wasn't emailed or posted to me, and in October I had gotten confused with the time of 2.30pm as all the past ones had been 4.00pm. So I was looking forward to seeing Dr My on Wednesday, and wouldn't you just believe it, I was double booked!!!!!!! The joys of the NHS, or really just the GIC, as I have recieved wonderful service from all other areas so far. Dr My asked if I would mind seeing a shrink (Sarah) instead, as I'm a softy I said yes. Well I don't normally critise anyones appearance, but I couldn't take Sarah seriously, she was dressed for a night-out clubbing, little black dress, gold belt, gold srappy high heel sandles and super fine tights, all on a very cold Edinburgh day!!! In my view not a very professional turn-out. Also she couldn't ask anything medical, and basically just went through how I was doing since my last appointment. One good thing she did say was that I presented very well, a nice small boost!! I left feeling, well that was a waste time, I don't know if I have just built up a negative against the GIC or are they just not very caring and organised. My next appointment is the end of April, I will see how it goes and I may decised to be transferred to Glasgow, where I have heard some positive reports.

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