Monday, 7 December 2009

I Don't Like Mondays, Only Kidding!!!

This morning I was back at my GP for a blood pressure check-up and for her to see if I was feeling ok. Both went well, BP is getting quite good, almost normal even. And the last few days I have been feeling good as well. Over the weekend I got a few jobs done at home which had been bugging me, last week got paperwork out the way for a wee while so the niggling things have vanished!!!!! It was funny as I was waiting for my appointment today a wee boy about 5 decided I was the person to play with, and the waiting room was quite busy, I was thinking wow this is not the way to blend in quitely sitting in the corner!!! But on the whole no problems, so another confidence booster for me.

Wednesday sees me at the Gender Clinic, so that will be a challenge, as I don't really enjoy these appointments. Hopefully Moira my speech therapist will have put a good word in for me, as these sessions go really well. Even though they are finished until the end of Feb2010, when I will be discharged.

Christmas this year is going to be very tough money wise, the ongoing hair removal has really sapped the money this year. So I will have to be quite resourceful or very boring with presents, I'm going to think about it until Christmas week. Hopefully do my Christmas cards this week, I'm going to send ones to the staff at the NHS which have really helped and accepted me this year. It all sounds a bit woosy, but I think it's good to thank people, I sometimes think the USA has a better way with Thanksgiving Day, we have to roll it into Christmas.

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