Saturday, 30 January 2010

Colonic Irrigation

On Monday I had a case of self-induced colonic irrigation, heehee, I laugh but it was rather scary. I'm pretty sure it was caused by food poisoning, which was also self-induced, duh. Kind of thought I was going to pass out during this episode, which I found very scary, it's the worst thing about staying on your own. No-one to care for you, unless you can get out and drive yourself somewhere. Anyways after 2 days in bed I was back to normal, even a little slimmer. Have to try and keep it off.

Things have been pretty mundane to be honest, boring. Just the usual routine, Saturday hair removal, Monday-Friday some work, and entertaining myself with my new television in the evenings. I really should be getting into my music at home, as I have a few ideas, so next week a big kick up the bum is required. i have really enjoyed watching politics this week, Obama's State of the Union address I thought was very good, and Blair's Iraq Hearing grilling was interesting, they both certainly got my grey matter working for different reasons. 

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