Thursday, 14 January 2010

A New Year, And Hopefully A Stronger Me

Haven't blogged for a while, christmas, new year and small episode of depression kind of knocked me for six. I found christmas difficult this year with a lack of money, and my family spending so much, it kind of made me feel inadequate. Although I managed it, and quite enjoyed christmas, just too much good food. This year in Edinburgh we have had a very long spell of snow and very cold temps, I think it has lasted about 3 weeks. Snow is always nice for a few days, but it really gets boring after a week or so, you get cabin fever not being able to do your usual routine, and things are so dependant for me being to use the car. So the last week has been great with no snow. By the time new years day came, I just had enough, and for the first time never attended the family meal. It was strange, but I needed the time to myself, just to think, by the 4th I had kicked my bum into gear and got out and about.

So what's going to happen this year? Heehee, just wait and see.

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