Monday, 16 January 2012

Sky Is The Limit

Today I joined the 21st century again, and got my Sky satellite fixed. It's great to have it back, got my favourite programmes all set to record and watching sport on the big screen is fabby. It's been 3weeks of watching on the iPad, great but not the same.

My enjoy has been diminished with the total lack of customer service from their engineers though. They left my media centre in a mess, chipped mY paintwork and refused to tidy the cable on the outside of the building. I've called customer services and logged a complaint, the staff on the phones are very nice, and a manager will be visiting me shortly to discuss my complaint. I will only be happy when I'm compensated for the hassle and the cable is secured to the building, I will wait hoping.

Tomorrow I'm off to see the shrink at Sandyford GIC in Glasgow, not looking forward to the drive as it has turned quite icy here in Scotland. It is a round trip of 100 miles, so a good nights sleep is in order.

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