Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Has The Shrink Shrunk?

Today saw me back through at Sandyford GIC in Glasgow, to see the shrink. Dr G is a nice guy, although very deep, I'm starting to get a laugh with him. We went through blood tests, all are looking fine testosterone is 1.5, nice and very low, estrogen is 207, which could be higher. He is happy with the dosages as I'm happy for things to happen gradually. It will be 6 months until I see him again, when bloods are checked again.

It always amazes me how the professionals seem to think we need help from LGBT, it bugs me that I have to say "not my scene, tried it didn't like it". To me LGBT is very political and sexual, I don't need that in my life, I know I'm part of a minority group, but why the need to join up, I would rather join the big group of society.

On BBC3 tonight was a programme called Coming Out Diaries, it followed 3 people coming to terms with their sexuality and gender. 2 trans people and 1 lesbian, their stories all covered family, friends and the fear of coming out and their own turmoils. It's very much worth a watch, I could relate a lot to it. You can view it on the iplayer I'm sure.

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