Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Year, New Ideas...........Maybe

New Year has past us by, it's now 2012, where do the years go?? I spent Hogmanny at The Espy in Portobello by the beach, it was a really enjoyable evening, nice food, nice music, nice drinks and family. Who could ask for more? At midnight everyone went out on the beach to watch the fireworks and bonfires, there was even a bagpiper.

New Years Day was spent eating too much at my sisters, really must loose weight soon. Dad spoke all day, I'm sure my mum doesn't speak to him and he saves it all up until a captive audience is around. It was his birthday as well so we all just tuned out, and let him listen to his own voice.

The rest of the week, Edinburgh has been battered with storms, on Tuesday 102mph was recorded here. There has been lots of damage and disruption, so a very quiet week. The thought of going out just wasn't there for a few days, although I managed a trip to Marks & Spencer on Thursday, need new jeans. I was surprised how quiet the shop was, but it was enjoyable to be out for a while.

Friday night was spent with my school friends, it was so great to catch up with them again. I lost contact with them for over 10 years, due to drinking and my trans issues felt it was easier to move on. How wrong I was, they are so accepting it's fab, and their kids are great, a really nice family. What was even nicer about Friday was there was no trans chat, it was just a chatty evening, but I know I can talk trans if I need to.

Today I saw Marny (electrolysis) for the start of this years torture. The centre of my face is now clear, yippee, just the cheeks to do. I'm hoping this will be finished by Easter. My neck area has only has IPL, I think I can live with that, and just shave it, the pain factor has won that area over.

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