Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hospitals Are My Social Life

The next few weeks I think hospitals are going to be my social life. My Uncle goes in for an eye operation in Glasgow, my Dad sees a specialist for thyroid problems all on the 22nd, I have 2 appointments on the 21st.

Yesterday I had the joy of yet more electrolysis, it was kind of sore again. But I think it was my fault this week, as I slept in for the appointment, forgot to take change for parking, and ended up a little stressed and not much time for EMLA to take effect. With electrolysis it is important to be quite calm and relaxed. I also got into trouble for not enough growth, so Marny was searching for hairs to zap. The central area is pretty much clear, so next week it is the right cheek, as I hate having to turn my head for the left.

Wednesday, saw me at the GP's to see Dr M, I had first appointment 8.20am. I hate early mornings but it gets me up and about. I even managed to beat Dr M to the surgery, heehee, her excuse was traffic in Edinburgh, I think see slept in. Things are looking good with my blood pressure, this time 132/77, I don't think I have been that low in 5 years. Dr M thought I was looking very smart, must have been my new Ugg boots, they are a cheap copy only ten pounds!! On the 21st I see Nurse D, for a B12 injection, what are the odds she will weigh me, for some reason she is the only one who does. Right after I see her I see Dr G for liquid nitrogen to try and remove a couple of growths under my eye.

At home I have been busy trying to set up network drives to centralise my data, it has been very educational. I think I'm just about there. Ipad, laptop, Apple Tv and desktop all seem to talk to each other. The project for next week, is to set up remote access, I think I will need Lorna's help for this.

Lorna comes back to Edinburgh on Tuesday, she has been in Washington DC for just over a week, getting her US Citizenship, but sadly it got cancelled. She will have to go back next month again to get it, so I have the oracle for another month.

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