Monday, 6 February 2012

A Busy January

I've had a busy few weeks, some stressful and some fun. My ongoing lack of satellite tv finally got resolved, after 30 days. Sky is the worst company I have ever dealt with, I still haven't finished with them. What I did learn from the experience was I'm still easily stressed out with certain situations. I could feel my blood pressure rising over a week of trying to get decent service, the stress was leaving me exhausted, irritable, and unable to switch off from the situation. This is not very good, as I had thought medication had calmed me down a lot, I suppose meds are good but not miracle workers.

The experience made me realise if you have or do suffer from depression/anxiety that you need to be aware of outside forces that can put you over the edge. I'm glad that now I lead a very quiet life I can control mostly what interaction I have and thus keep these things away from me that stress me out.

Lately I have had a few family things to do, Alice's birthday (my niece) we went out for a Chinese meal, it was very good. Although Alice had a big seizure, she still seemed to enjoy herself, was also out with her on Saturday. Been through to Glasgow for an appointment with my aunt and uncle, his eye is going to fixed in the next few months. Think I might be running a shuttle service for visiting him. Got my mum a couple of books for her birthday, she is very happy with them, even though my dad forgot! My step niece has gone back to America this weekend to gain her dual nationality, I think she's coming back to Edinburgh next Monday. It all depends on work and if the pull of stateside living pulls her after 9 months away.

It's funny when you do an update on the blog, I have been busy. Perhaps not achieving much, but busy.

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