Friday, 24 February 2012

My Week With NHS

What a few days it has been, middle of last week I was getting severe headaches. By last Saturday night they become quite unbearable. So an appointment for Dr M on Monday to find out the cause. This in was quite strange for me, as no slap, as I thought Dr M would want to see an au-natural face. My right eye, right side of face where all sore. After a couple of calls to the Eye Pavillion, it was decided I had an infection in my sinus. So strong antibiotics where prescribed, it's now Friday and they are certainly improved things. It's something I have never suffered from, the discomfort and constant headaches where something else. Pacing the flat and lack of sleep really doesn't help when you are feeling pain. I know have to get my eyes tested to check the pressure of them, as it seems unusual the eye is affected.

Tuesday this week saw me back at the GP's, yes I know I sound a nightmare, I'm not honest. This time it was blood tests, and blood pressure, and wow 132/66 the lowest it has ever been, I also got my vitimum B12 as well. Nurse D was also being very kind to me and didn't weigh me, a great result. After this I was seeing Dr G for removal of 2 growths on my left cheek, she used a blow torch of liquid nitrogen to hopefully burn them off. It seems to be working as they are now blackened, I might have to go back for another treatment. So Tuesday saw me leave the surgery with a throbbing right side of face and a stinging left side of face, ain't I lucky.

Wednesday, I took my Aunt and Uncle to Gratnavel Hospital in Glasgow, as he is having an eye operation. All seems to be well, even after last minute concerns with his general health. Today I have brought my Mum, and other Aunt and Uncle to visit him. Next week I will be back through to take him home, so another trip through to Glasgow, and no shopping!

I warned in the last post it's all hospitals, my Dad was seeing about his thyroid on Wednesday as well, he was well pleased as no decision was made about removal. A stay of execution for a couple of months, but I think poor of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, but I have said that before.

It's been nice driving a new car, as I have been put on my Uncles insurance, so nice to get away from my over sized go kark called a MG. I keep thinking it has stopped not hearing the engine, but my own car is more fun to drive.

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