Monday, 28 November 2011

Another Visit to the Demon Dentist

9.45am I arrive at the dentist, not sitting about waiting, meet Ann the dentist and straight into the chair. Ann tells me she has already been nasty to a patient this morning, so she os now in a good mood. Her assistant totally agrees, I feel so much relieved, as Ann normally gets on to me, I do give it back though. After a few proddings and saying lots of numbers, I'm told it's time for butterflies? A look of panic, what butterfles, it's a dentist, not Dobbies Butterfly Farm a few miles up the road, and in my month. Ann explains it's detailed x-rays, wow, just get choked when she shoved the thingy in my mouth, clough & splatter. It always concerns me, x-rays are safe, but why do they leave the room, and leave me on my own. If it's dangerous I want to leave as well, seems simple to me.Once Ann and her assistant return, I'm given a compliment, hey they look good and strong.

I'm thinking this is good, and bang the scaling starts, yuck, hate it. Why do they put so much in your mouth and they speak to you and moan at your shut mouth. To me it's natural, something in mouth, I want to eat it. you never eat with your mouth open, bad manners. Half way through I must have been getting on Ann's nerves as a total face shower with water from are machine, well it cooled me down. But hey, it was some dribble up my face, heehee.

Over and done, you must be joking, I'm told gum problems really need looked at and NHS Dental Hospital not brave enough to take me own, only option is private and a bill in the very high hundreds of pounds, oh dear. I just can not afford that, so Ann offers another scaling in 8 weeks, joy oh joy! I'm hoping regular scaling will hopefully solve the problem.

All in all it was quite funny with Ann as she is a caring person and good sense of humour, there is nothing worse than speaking to professionals who seem to be above you, and totally lack a connection with patients. You'll be glad to read next dentist post is end of Jan 2012.

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