Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Massive Update - Part 1

It's been too long in updating this blog, I will promise to do it alot more often.

My issues with ERI are well closed, and such a relieve, I now go to Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow. Sandyford it is so caring, no pressure, and they listen to me. I have been doing therapy there for a year, trying to put demons to sleep and boosting my self-esteem. It is starting to come together, although next month I start a therapy called EMDR if you want to see their site. I'm not sure about it, but will give it a try in December.

The medical care at Sandyford is very good, I see one of their team every 3-4 months. What is so mice there are no pigeon hole boxes which you need to conform to as at the ERI. Most occasions I do get into trouble with my much reduced smoking, as there is a danger of DVT's when mixed with HRT. My estrogen level isn't high enough, so my idea is loose weight and more effect from HRT. Janaury sees my next medical appointment, fingers crossed it goes well.

My local GP Dr M, is still so cool, we had to change one of my high blood pressure pills as I was getting bad cankles, didn't want cankles. In my opinion I have also lost alot of fluid as well, but the scales don't show it, YET!!! Just having to watch kidney function with all the meds I take. The staff at the medical centre have all been so nice to me, it's a real treat to go, even getting jabs everytime.

Well that's a start to my update, will do some more tomorrow.

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