Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Massive Update - Part 2

Well I have summarised all the medical stuff, now for the personal bits.

Just after christmas I got an email from a couple I hadn't seen or been in touch with for 14 years. It was sad it had been so long, but I was in a bad state back then, and moving house, well it seemed better to move on. Also with my transistion i didn't know if to reply or not. Well I did, with the full coming out pack I used a few years ago, and to my surprise a reply from David & Gillian. We met up and a great few hours, I could not believe where 14 years went, I now keep in touch with them both, they are busy people and I wish I could see them more, but knowing they are with me is great.

The beginning of the year saw my neice Alice move into permenent care, life was getting quite unbearable at home with her behaviour. She is physical and mentally handicapped, and has severe problems with sleep and being alone. The house she stays in now is very good and she is well looked after and we see her most weeks. Alice is now working in a centre, doing cooking and woodwork. The transistion of Alice was very hard as we all felt we had failed looking after her, but we now realise things couldn't go on as it was and now everyone including Alice are much happier.

In July my sister and partner married, it was a great day in Edinburgh. I met up with Steph from Devon, a real character, and also Emma from London who I had seen for many years. The weekend was just not long enough.

August saw my 2 buddies Banjo & Soxs being evicated from my sisters house, all because one neighbour didn't like them. They also peed in their entrance hall, but cats have rights. My sister Elaine, husband Richard and the boys where all upset at them going, at least the boys see them at their dad's flat. They went to my ex-brother-in-laws to live, so I don't see them anymore. When the family went on holiday I use to look after them both here in my flat. It didn;t take long to get very attached to the pair. I will dedicate a whole post to Banjo & Soxs as I run a campaign to keep them.

Later in August Lorna, Richard's eldest daughter arrived. She is so clever and a total internet geek, I learn something new everytime I see her. It's down to her I started this blog again, she works from home as a writer, her stuff is brill, and unlike my blog has no spelling mistakes. I hope she stays around as I want to learn more from her.

Can not think of anything else major that happened. Now I just need to blog things as they come along.

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