Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Is Over Aaaaawwww

The Christmas festivities are over, and it is back to normal until Hogmanny on Saturday. I had a really nice Christmas, only slightly dampened with my niece, Alice having 2 fits. From now on I can keep in touch anywhere with a flabby present of an iPad. It has come in very handy this week, Edinburgh has been hit with high winds again, and I have lost my satellite tv. So I can watch tv on the pad, and watch loads of movies I downloaded this year.

This morning I had yet another blood test, 3rd one in a month, the girls at the surgery are so nice. It really is a joy to go and see them. I asked Nurse C about a growth on my cheek, she said easy to remove and to speak to Dr M. It had been bugging me for a few years now, although the thought of getting it cut out is scary! On a positive side all my blood tests are coming back good, yippee.

Going out later to hit the sales, and find out how to mirror iPad to apple tv. Also have a pair of jeans to exchange, thought I would buy a size smaller, too tight. Weightloss is not going well, although I think I'm thinner.

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