Monday, 21 September 2009

ITV - This Morning

As I'm a late riser in the mornings, the joy of morning television is my entertainment. In the newspapers this weekend have been articles about two boys ages 9 & 12 returning to school as girls. The press on the whole have been pretty negative about it all. But the "This Morning" show is usually caring in the dealing with transgender issues, but they failed today. The main problem was their transgendered guest Lauren Harris, who was totally concerned in her own agenda, and really couldn't answer any questions in a mature, constructive way. She pulled the Doctor up for saying "I work with trans people", which to me covers all spectrums of transgender people, her recommendation was we are "trans women, not people". At the end she was promoting her own stage show, and the interview was cut short. I felt very sorry for the two presenters and the doctor, as no quality information was given to the viewing public, and it only succeeded in making transgendered people look silly and eccentric. When Lauren was male she was the painful and annouying 10 year old antiques expert called James Harris, all I can say is she certainly hasn't matured or mastered how to convey herself on television.

That's the end of my little rant, sorry, it just really annouyed me all day.

Other things today, it looks like my car is over-heating again!!!! So, a trip to the garage is happening tomorrow morning. The car is so important to me, and I have 3 appointments in the week I need it for. On the plus side I get to visit my parents tomorrow, the garage is close to their house, so hopefully a nice lunch. Tonight I was in the local shop, it's owned by a family and I hadn't seen the mother of the family for ages, and she made my heart skip, she said "You've lost a lot of weight!" I could have kissed her.


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