Saturday, 26 September 2009

Torture Chamber called a Beauty Salon

This afternoon I had an hour of electroylis, by the wonderful Marny. Most saturdays I wind-up Marny that I walk in looking good and have to leave with a paperbag over my head, and that she must have an evil mind after doing this for 40 years!!! Well, today was pain free !!!!!!!!!!! Yippee, I nearly fell off the couch with that statement. We have been working on my chin area for ages and it is almost there now, she really went for it today as I wasn't feeling it, thus to say my chin looks like it has been punched a few times tonight. Perhaps I'm getting the mix of pain relief correct, at last, EMLA, paracetamol, and a couple of beta-blockers to keep me calm. Over the year I have tried a few things from being slightly merry with Jack Daniels, and different pain killers. It seems if I can stay calm and sleepy I can get away with a hour. My next torture chamber visit is in two weeks, I have had to cut back in October as I have a very big bill for my dying car to get repaired, so only three appointments with Marny, instead of every week. Yes the photo is of my chin, not my best angle, but gives you an idea of what has been achieved in 12 IPL and about 26 hours of electrolyis, I hadn't shaved for 5 days.

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