Wednesday, 23 September 2009

One Year On HRT

Today is one complete year on HRT, yippee!!! It's been a great year on the whole, as the year went on I started to become relaxed, or perhaps just me. Suppose I just started to click, heehee, all the conflict started to go. The physical side has been quite amazing, I'm not going to go into detail, I will just say one part shrunk very quickly and two other parts are quite pert. My strength has certainly gone, I use to be called to help move items in the family, well I just can't do that anymore. Over the summer I helped move an old TV (not the kind of TV, a television) from my sisters, well I was exhausted and really struggled. It's nice being a woman, no more dirty jobs for me!!! The introduction of Spiro at easter has really helped with hair growth on my head, and has soften body hair, I now go the hairdressers every 8 weeks. Scary to think two years ago I use to shave my head, so I didn't get too hot when I wearing a wig, haven't worn a wig for over a year now. Facial hair removal, well it still goes on, I've had 12 sessions of Intense Pulse Light and about 25 hours of electrolysis, all am saying is both hurt real bad, but the results are good. IPL has certainly got rid of about 60% of the growth, and now my chin and lower lip is almost clear with electrolysis, I think doing the IPL first certainly will cut down the time spent, and is a cheaper way to do it in the long run.

So a good year all round I think, still a good few years to go, but I'm happy and doing things at my pace.

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