Monday, 26 October 2009

The Bingo Numbers of Blood Pressure

This morning I was at my GP surgery for a blood pressure check, with me like like bingo. It goes up and down more than some peoples knickers, today it started at 162/108, but then with the old fashion machine it was 138/96, so not too bad, but still too high. Especially since I had taken 3 betablockers beforehand to stay calm. The nurse laughs when I say "what number are we going for today?" So I have a month before I see my GP, I have a feeling she might change the blood pressure medication I'm on, or for the first time ever get on at me about weight!!!!! That will be a laugh.

On an acceptance note things are looking up again, I really didn't feel any stares at the surgery waiting room, and a few people sat next to me and there where the trans hatred species young children who always seem to clock you. But no nothing, must have been feeling confident, and I was wearing a knee length skirt which is unusual for me.

A good start to the week I feel!!!!!!

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