Friday, 2 October 2009

Mr or Miss

My continuing saga with Orange took a twist in my favour today. I checked my October bill and alas I am still MR Gayle ........, but my wee brain cells got thinking, I wouldn't have a problem calling with my deepish voice about my Blackberry. It worked a treat, I was called Gayle all the time and no mention of a confusing name/title. And I got a new Blackberry for less than the quote to repair my old one, and it's being delivered tomorrow morning. So, a little thumbs up for Orange! I did back this up with an other email of complaint to their customer services about my title though, as really there are no excusess for their slowness in correcting their mistake. We will see what comes of it, I wont hold my breath.

On another note my dad said today he thought I had lost weight, he must have cleaned his glasses, but nice to hear.

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