Thursday, 29 October 2009

Voice Therapy Today

Before I start no scary picture today, you will be glad of!!!!

Anyway back to the plot, I had an appointment with Mrs L voice therapy at 11 today. To be honest I wasn't in the mood for it but hayho off we went. Nothing scary on the trip up to the hospital, always end up too early, you never know if the carparks are going to be full or not. I go in for my appointment and Mrs L says she has a student who is sitting in, and if it's ok. With so many appointments you have to go to, I am pretty much use to this. But here comes the twist, as we where walking to her room, Mrs L says that the student has never met a transgendered person before and would it be ok if she leaves us for 30 minutes just to have a chat. So that she can get an insight into what we go through. Well I'm up for doing some PR, and when I meet her, well she was very nice. I could see that V was nervous, so I started a brief 10 mins of my life story, then we got chatting about day to day things. V then started to ask some really good questions, some about relationships, family, sexuality. I also asked her what she thought of me, and this blew me away, her reply was "I would never have guessed you wheren't female, your voice, gestures, walk everything is really very good", now I don't know if she was being nice, but it made my day. We had a laugh when I let her hear my low voice, i know it broke the illusion but she is training in voice. I told V about electro and the costs, she was amazed that transsexuals don't get this on the NHS as it's so much of being a female, I was surprised she made that response with such passion, when you read in the papers we are classed of ripping off the NHS for a "cosmetic" reason why we have GID. When Mrs L returned, I was kind of disappointed, but we showed V what we had been doing with exercises etc. Then Mrs L pretty much stunned me, as she felt my voice is very good and the next apointment in a month will be my last with her. Although I will have a follow-up in March 2010, it's been a quick 6 months. Personally I feel that my inflections, speed is fine, but I could do with a further lift in pitch, although the low male voice I use to have is almost away now. Both of the women where so lovely to me, full of praise and complements it was a wonderful hour, I do regret not giving V my email address though ......................... eductational purpose, heehee, she was attractive, heehee. It will be interesting to ask Mrs L in a month what V thought of me afterwards, warts and all.

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