Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday Lunch at the Old Dears

Was out at my parents for lunch with my sister's partner, my neice and youngest nephew. It was great to have a nice sit down lunch. For some reason my nephew who is 10 started on my sister when she came in from work, about the size of her knickers. He just couldn't get why anyone would wear a thong, then went onto ask if she only wears matching bra and knickers???!!! They grow up so fast!!! Well the funniest thing was when he asked my mum if she wore thongs as well? My mum is a very large woman the thought of this sight just when accross everyones mind at once. When he came out with that one, I thought, it's time to get out of here because I am not going into the pros and cons of Marks & Spencers Magic Knickers and the hiding effect they have for smooth lines. To me that would have been abit much for a 10 year old. My sister is starting to think he might be going through her drawers, in more ways than one, heehee.

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