Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Blonde Moment...........DUH!!!!!

Well I had a blonde moment on Wednesday, I was meant to go to see the gender specialist at the local hospital, and totally got the wrong time in my head. I had put in Outlook calender and my blackberry it was 4pm, and when I was just about to leave at 2.30pm I thought better take my letter with the appointment. Yes you've guessed it, it was for 2.30, the appointment had been change twice before and each of the changed appointments where for 4pm. It was so annouying as the waiting time for appointments is so long, when I called them I was offered one in Feb2010!!!! But my charm got me one in Dec 9th at 3.30pm, remind me before that one. Or I'm sure a certain Doctor will be very unhappy with me. As I've said before I get very nervous about these appointments, but I so wanted to get it over with.

This week has also been tough with my neice, I have stayed over at my sisters a few nights so I could control my neice during the night. It has taken it's toll on my sleep pattern but I think it's helped my sis and her partner. Although it has been very difficult with my neice during the day, with violent out bursts. It's getting to the stage the family unit just can't continue, I know people will think it's a failure, but you do need to live in a situation to realise that things can't go on. It's similar to my transistion, where I would drink, work silly hours and get depressed just to try and forget things, you get to the stage "I'm doing to do this for my happiness, and to hell with other opinions", I believe my sister has to do this with my neice and somehow get her into residential care. Which will be better for her and my sisters family.

Leaving on a positive note, the pic is from Wednesday, I quite like it. At the moment I'm just starting to see potential in being female. The hormones seem to be doing their jobs at last, and softening the facial features up, long may it continue.

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