Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Horoscope for the week ending October 10, 2009

I don't often read my horoscope, but today in The Times this was mine. It got me thinking, as in two weeks I see the consultant at the Gender Clinic, I always panic about these appointments. You always feel you are on show and having to prove yourself. I suppose horoscopes are written in a way that most people can connect with them, but.....................

You long ago learnt that often what’s worthwhile requires patience and a canny strategy. This is especially the case now, with a combination of unexpected twists in existing plans and sudden developments causing disarray. While your instincts say things are going in the right direction, you’re still anxious. This is partly because the current Full Moon raises the emotional temperature about certain vulnerable issues you’re usually able to ignore. Discussing these may not be your idea of fun. However, doing so makes you realise that some aren’t that important, and if you were frank about others, certain helpful individuals would be only too happy to give you a hand with them.

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