Monday, 5 December 2011

My 2 Furry Buddies - Banjo & Soxs

Over the last couple of years I have looked after Banjo & Soxs when my sister has been on holiday, usually around 4 times a year. Banjo & Soxs are very trans friendly, as it doesn't matter how ugly you look, they still like a cuddle.

Banjo is on the left, and Soxs on the right, they both have great personalities. Banjo is quite needy, always want claps, and licking you. he use to sleep on the pillow next to me. Soxs is more independent, and is the leader of the pair, he only wants cuddles when Banjo isn't around. I'm sure he thinks it will spoil his macho image if Banjo sees him getting cuddled.

In a previous post I discussed loneliness, these guys helped me immensely. As it was great to feel needed, you have to feed them, clean litter tray and make sure they are safe. This really takes your mind away from yourself, and the unconditional affection you get is brilliant. One of the Dr's at Sandyford Clinic also thinks for people living on their own, cats are great for developing your voice, as it forces you to talk when home alone. The laughs I had with them both like the picture of Banjo trying to improve his internet skills on my laptop. Or the 2 of them lying on my bed watching television. Every morning Soxs would get his paw under the duvet and wake me up for breakfast, this was great for me as I hate getting up.

Sadly the guys had to move to a new home, as at my sisters they where going into a neighbours house, the family where very anti- pets. I use to go to my sisters just to see the guys and her house is not the same with out them. I have thought about getting a cat myself, but feel it isn't really fair on them, as they wouldn't get out. Banjo & Soxs, it was ok for 2 weeks at a time being indoors.

I would recommend a cat to anyone living alone with safe access outdoors, as it does help with loneliness and your voice practise as well.

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