Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Quiet Week

Not been much to blog about this week. Had the joy of Marny's company today for some electrolysis. Today wasn't as bad as recent weeks, the top lip is almost totally clear, we even managed to work on the right cheek, which was great. It's nice to see progress, the EMLA got well used today to numb the top lip, just a little around the centre of the nose.

Was a taxi driver for brother-in-law yesterday and his daughter, I like being of use to people, even with it being during rush hour.

Must start and get ready for christmas tomorrow, haven't written a card or done any shopping. I find this time of year hard going, being on your own, I think what is the point. Have a night out on wednesday and got an invite to visit friends over the festive period which is great.

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