Monday, 5 December 2011

The Daily Mail Has A Positive Article

Last Friday the Daily Mail had a great article regarding a transsexual, the usual stuff The Daily Mail has is quite derogatory, and shocking. With comments regarding why the NHS pay for cosmetic surgeries when there is no money. I'm sure you have read and heard it all before.

The headline was good for a start:

‘Why should I hide, I’m proud of myself’: Teen who had world’s youngest sex change op at 16 reveals she has a boyfriend

The girl is 18 year old Jackie Green who had her op on her 16th birthday in Thailand. At an early age her mother took her to the USA to start hormone blockers, as this form of treatment is not available in the UK.

The thing that caught me, wasn't so much the article, but the comments. What I read where all very positive and encouraging, esp in this newspaper the comments are normally very bigoted. Perhaps the UK is getting more accepting of the trans community.

Read the full article

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