Saturday, 10 December 2011

Electrolysis - The Painfull Truth

Every week I go for a hour of electrolysis, I can not say I enjoy it. I started about 4 years ago with IPL hair removal, it's a light gun which sends heat down to the hair follicle and killed a lot off. This was 14 treatments every 4 weeks, and it really thinned out my facial hair. I think I have a low pain threshold, as I found IPL very sore on my face especially around the neck area, but it did work well.

After the IPL it was time for real torture, although I must say the therapist is very good and caring, she's called Marny. The first few weeks where horrendous, and then got quite bearable for a year or so. Since the start of this year working the area around the mouth, top lip it has been horrible. Marny just ignores my squeals, ouch and swear words, she gives it back to me as well. Tells me not to be a big girls blouse, and says she will turn down the current and doesn't, heehee. Even if my eyes are watering Marny just keeps going and you get into trouble for screwing your face up. I know it sounds bad, but it's really good as it needs done and Marny just keeps going.

Just in case you don't know how electrolysis works, it's a probe (thin needle) going into the hair follicle. The probe has to go in about 3-4mm, then an electrical current heats the follicle, this cortices the follicle and kills the hair. the hair is then pulled out. Yeah, sounds simple and painless, not. The amount of hairs done in a hour is about 180, and the face has around 12,000, so it's a long process and expensive. Also hair can stop growing for 8 weeks and then appear, the swines, so you need to keep going over areas already done.

Over the time I have used a few painkillers, from beer, Jack Daniels, paracetamol, and others. I have found EMLA cream to numb the skin and co-codolmol the best, but it's still sore. The picture below is after today's session.
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You get close to your therapist here is Marny.

Marny Owner/Senior Therapist
Qualifications include:
Diploma in Beauty Therapy from Mary Reid
Over 30 years experience in the Beauty Therapy industry
Member of the BIAE (British Institute of Electrolysis)
Advanced Electrolysis, Electrolysis
Marny has dedicated her career to every aspect of Beauty Therapy and especially to Electrolysis hair removal, winning British Electrolygist of the year in 2002 and serving on the Board of Management of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis for 8 years.
'I spent 16 years teaching Beauty Therapy in Edinburgh's Telford College before opening Imarni. I am married with 2 children and though the salon absorbs a great deal of my time I enjoy gardening and holidays'.

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