Friday, 23 December 2011

Only 2 Sleeps Until Christmas

Last night I heard that my nephews hamsters had a little fallout, this is what was posted on facebook.

Recovering from a mini hamster holocaust. One hamster went postal, ate the other hamster, vomited him up again, and then died. And I thought they were friends. Never trust a friend who sleeps on your face and eats your straw.

I'm not a lover of hamsters, but since they have gone perhaps Banjo & Soxs will get back to stay??? You never know and I can hope.

Only 2 sleeps to go until Santa arrives, and for once I'm really organised, all shopping done, and only 1 present to wrap up. This morning I went and finished my shopping, it was amazing how quiet the shops where, but the downside was I saw too much I liked for myself. Spare cash is always a problem for me so I don't tend to go shopping, but today a was amazed at things in my size in Marks & Spencer, I think a visit to the sales will be in order.

Today I received a letter from the Tax Man, and for once, it was a fabulous one. They have paid me a refund from 3 years ago of over paid tax, yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! So a definite visit to the sales, or perhaps online as I spend less online.

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