Monday, 12 December 2011

UK Newspapers Go Trans

Hermaphrodite voted off Poland's Next Top Model - The Sun 10/12/11, Michalina Manios was voted off the Polish Next Top Model after disclosing she had once lived as male. Read the article here , it's a very balanced report, and the comments are in whole quite balanced and educated.

Transsexual reveals how he’s spent £200,000 in 12 years transforming himself into a real-life Barbie… thanks to a few rich boyfriends - The Daily Mail 08/12/11. This article as about Nicole Sanders who has spent a fortune on operations. She lives in New York, the reporting ok, but I was annoyed by the use of "he" in it. I suppose you can not have it all. Again the comments are good to the trans community, especially considering it is Daily Mail readers. Read the article here

Transgender lessons for pupils aged five: Classes will 'overload children with adult issues', say critics - The Daily Mail 08/12/11. Now this should have been a good article, the government looking to educate our young people of trans phobia. Sadly the article is all about confusing children, and possibly promoting trans thoughts. This is quite scary when research has proven in the UK 1 in 1000 children have gender related issues, so surely any awareness is going to be helpful. The Daily Mail readers comments are all very negative, it amazes me considering the article above was the same day. Is it ok to talk trans issues, but not in front of the children? Read article here

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