Thursday, 1 December 2011

Needles, Blood & Chat

Early start for me this morning a visit to see Dr M at the local practise. All the staff are so nice and happy, it's a real pleasure to go, even to see Nurse D who always weighs me with a smile, urgh!!! Over the past few years I have had very high blood pressure among others things, and on my last visit I had said to Dr M I was getting cankles (fat ankles) it's a side effect of one of the pills. Anyways, we changed the pill and now no cankles, and even better blood pressure is still controlled at 138/88 today, it use to be around 190/130 ish, I did try to break 200, heehee.

As it always seems when I see Dr M, I needed a blood test again, had one 2 weeks ago with Nurse D, which came back fine. Today urine was showing protien traces, so get the needle into the arm. Ooops can't get anything out that one, lets go for the other, I hate parting with anything, typical Scottish. Many years ago I had glandular fever and drunk heavily, and I suspect slight damage was done to my kidneys, hence protien in the urine, Dr M also does regular checks on liver as well. So it's back to see Nurse C at the end of the month for another blood test, she doesn't weigh me, result after Christmas.

Dr M always gives me a nice complement on my appearance, although today I was told too cold for a skirt and she hasn't worn one for ages. I thought this morning, I haven't worn one for ages, you get fed-up with trousers. We then has a chat about Transsexual Summer, and her veiw was there wasn't enough time spent on each person, but overall great to see it on mainstream TV. I agree totally, she also let it slip that one of her friends specialises in therapy in London for TS people. I wonder if that's why everyone at the surgery is so cool, and she is so knowledgable. I wonder if I should give this blog address?

The National Health Service in the UK doesn't get great press, but to me it's fabulous in the main, even with my problems with Edinburgh GIC, which ranted about in previous posts.

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